1. Replacing the product with another product available at the Shop is possible after prior contact with the Seller, upon payment or return of difference in value.
  2. Any Customer may withdraw from a purchase contract within max. 14 days from the date they receive the product.
  3. Withdrawal from the Product sales contract is effected by the Customer making an unequivocal statement to the Seller, which can be downloaded below.
  4. Immediate costs shall be borne and the form of product return shall be decided by the Customer.
  5. A Customer who is a consumer may ask the Seller to replace the purchased Product with another Product of the same type or another Product available at the Shop – upon payment or return of difference in value. If a return is necessary, the form of return shall be decided by the Customer.


Complaints concerning physical faults in products can be submitted via e-mail to the address or in written form to the address of the Seller. You can download the complaint form below.


Ball bag RG Queen - AccessoriesBall bag RG Queen - Accessories
Ball bag RG Queen
Bag Twirling - AccessoriesBag Twirling - Accessories
Bag Twirling
Bag Majorettes Queen - AccessoriesBag Majorettes Queen - Accessories
Bag Majorettes Queen
Bag Majorettes Love - AccessoriesBag Majorettes Love - Accessories
Bag Majorettes Love
Half Shoes case RG Queen - AccessoriesHalf Shoes case RG Queen - Accessories
Half Shoes case RG Queen
Half Shoes case Gold Empire - AccessoriesHalf Shoes case Gold Empire - Accessories