My Machiko Gymnastic

Hi, I'm Ewelina


Out of the passion for beauty and sport I have emerged...


This is the shortest description of the Machiko Gymnastic brand. But behind the word there are many beautiful stories, plans, passions, ideas…

My name is Ewelina and together with the Machiko team we created a brand of clothes for active girls and boys who love sports, rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics.

My Machiko Gymnastic
My Machiko Gymnastic
You inspire me...

The first steps

Everything started several years ago… As an active mom supporting the passions of my child, I was actively engaged in her progress as a gymnast, I went with her to tournaments, I delighted in the artistic prowess of the participants, I rooted for her and cherished her success. However, the entire beauty of this sport lacked one thing which would complement the performance. I am talking about clothes which would make my child stand out, emphasise her individuality, her agility, adorn her, provide her with confidence, but above all – which would be comfortable and not restrictive.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”, so out of the necessity of creating a unique clothes brand, the idea of Machiko was born.

Because we believe that clothes not only cover your body, but also adorn it, make you feel good, provide you with energy and confidence, can positively influence your surroundings and drive you to action. The entire concept is based on interesting play of colours, patterns, motifs and individuality, so we make sure that our designs are personal.

Individual means what exactly?


We design for individual customers as well as create collections for sport clubs – they can be sure that no other club will have the same design. A design reserved for the given club will not end up in a shop either. We work for your individual character. We also make sure that our collections are short, unique series. We care for quality, not quantity.

My Machiko Gymnastic
My Machiko Gymnastic
Close to you...


Every piece of clothing has its soul. The design goes through many pairs of hands, it is constantly discussed and tested. We carefully select every material and every detail. Above all, we listen. I attend various tournaments, so I am close to people who are fascinated by this sport and who live it. This is where I get my knowledge and inspiration. And thanks to having a sportswoman under my roof I can test my ideas and solutions immediately. Because Machiko means energy, idea and unique style.


Ball bag RG Queen - AccessoriesBall bag RG Queen - Accessories
Ball bag RG Queen
Bag Twirling - AccessoriesBag Twirling - Accessories
Bag Twirling
Bag Majorettes Queen - AccessoriesBag Majorettes Queen - Accessories
Bag Majorettes Queen
Bag Majorettes Love - AccessoriesBag Majorettes Love - Accessories
Bag Majorettes Love
Half Shoes case RG Queen - AccessoriesHalf Shoes case RG Queen - Accessories
Half Shoes case RG Queen
Half Shoes case Gold Empire - AccessoriesHalf Shoes case Gold Empire - Accessories